Caleb, Alistair, Sam, and Zehnda (from right to left) lead the programme delivery

Caleb, Alistair, Sam, and Zehnda (from right to left) lead the programme delivery

This year's micro-developer includes nine men and women from the community of Westlake in Cape Town, South Africa.

You'll get a chance to see and hear more about their stories and what they do as the year goes on, but we wanted to introduce them to you here first. 


We Proudly Introduce This Year's Class!

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Mark owns and operates a restaurant that specialises in fish and chips as well as wings and other braai specialties. He wants to upgrade his shop to accommodate more customers and create an enjoyable and friendly experience.

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Jannah creates custom fragrances and perfume. While working from home, he is building a business plan and seeking opportunities to create a retail location. He aspires to create a high-end brand that will sell boutique scents across Cape Town and beyond. 

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David manufactures glass and aluminium doors and windows for businesses and homes. He would like to see his business expand into the surrounding communities and work on developing his business growth plan for the next five years.

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Alino designs and manufactures custom wooden furniture. He wants to turn his business into a high-end supplier for retail outlets and one day open his own showroom to display and sell his designs.

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Asemahle has launched a fashion and styling startup making unique and custom African "doek" or headscarfs. She also creates beaded jewellery, necklaces and arm bands. She wants to help her family create financial stability.

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Tony has set up a business that collects and recycles trash from the streets of Westlake Village. He would love to use the business as an educational tool and incentive to get more members of the community excited about making their surroundings cleaner and more beautiful.

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Brenda is a wife, mother, and owns a fruit and veg shop in Westlake. She also offers raw food from Malawi. Her dream is to build her business to a point where she can get out of debt and can pursue owning and managing her own grocery store.



Meshack operates several businesses outside his main venture of bicycle repair. His other endeavours include funeral insurance, foodservice logistics, and local community development. He desires to inspire other business owners and see God glorified in his community through the work he does and the interactions he has.