When Hope Is Not Enough

Caleb Belanger | There comes a point in our efforts as human beings where the work we do, no matter how passionate we are, becomes less than invigorating. 


The truth about development is that it really is a relationship like any other, with highs and lows, progress and failure. Just like your first boyfriend or girlfriend – there is a period where all the problems in the world don’t matter as long as you are together. That slowly shifts over time and the danger to a deep and impactful relationship can be beginning to view them as the problem.

This is what often keeps us from understanding how to address poverty. It is very easy to point a finger at a person and say “there must be something wrong with what you’re doing”. And while hard work and dedication is an aspect to pulling one’s self out of poverty, it’s not the only aspect. Hope needs physical fuel to give birth to lasting change.

Unfortunately, there are places all over the world (probably within driving distance of where you live) where the ability to reach out and ask for help is dampened by the way that community is viewed from the outside. We’ve heard it before: “oh, that place is a lost cause” or “why don’t they just move out of there?”

Anyone selected out for life has hope and together, we can give them the tools to ignite that hope and turn it into growth.

The fact is that even in a place that doesn’t look like home, there are multitudes of families that call it home. They have memories on those streets, plans for the future, and a desire to make their world a better place to live. But without opportunities to learn and evolve, hope eventually falters.

Rather than displacing poverty or taking pity on people stuck in poverty, what if we chose to give a hand up that allows an individual to lift their head above their current situation and look at the challenge in a new light?

What if we could connect them to opportunities that they would have never found on their own simply by developing a relationship with them?

This is what New Leaf believes.This is what New Leaf has set out to accomplish. And this is what I’m challenging you to come be a part of!

To make this radically different approach a reality, we need to prove our concept to the world. And were asking you to partner with us in 2018 to make that happen by committing to giving $50 a month for the next 12 months. Giving is simple and secure through the link below. 

Invest in a redefined approach to poverty eradication and step into a journey in which your giving creates a life changing relationship.