Veg's Hair Salon

I never wanted to ‘just have a job’, I wanted to own a business. Where I live, my community desperately needs jobs. I knew that I could do something about it. God has given me creativity when it comes to hairdressing. I love what I do! People come from all around for my styles and I get to share what Jesus has done in my life. My dream is to train others to bless people with the skills I have and employ more people. The bigger I get, the more I can serve!.

"New Leaf gave me the confidence to sell my vision, get investment, and to lead others well."

JOSHUA + David

Joshua Upholstery

When I was living in Ghana, God called me to come to South Africa to start a furniture and upholstery business to provide employment for South Africans. I didn’t come here by mistake or because I was running from a civil war, like so many others have done. I’ve come to South Africa with a clear mission from God. 

"New Leaf has given me what no amount of money could have replaced – they gave me knowledge that I can use for myself. They helped me create a plan to achieve the goals I already have."

Lungiswa + Ntombonina

Alive In Christ Take-Aways

We both have wanted to start a food shop as friends for a long time but we didn’t even know where to begin. Our idea was to serve the commuters and working mothers who had no time to shop with healthy and affordable food. The encouragement and direction I received through the programme helped me feel empowered enough to take the first step and feel that I can actually do this! 

"I’m excited to continue learning more about business and how I can use it to give back to women and children in my community."


Queen's Nails

People like to tell me things. I can listen to their problems and tell them how Jesus has helped me. Doing nails gives me a platform to listen and share. I started my business to care for my family but I want to do more than that. I want to teach young women how to do what I do and give them a skill that they can use to get a job.

"I want to be a light to my community and let my business be more than just a salon. I want it to be a place where people feel beautiful and loved."