Meet Our Team

Cape Town Office


Zehnda Wessels

Regional Director - South Africa

Zehnda has a 20+ year career in finance accounting and insurance. She organises our programs and works training our mentors to better serve entrepreneurs.

alistair colliar

Alistair Colliar


Alistair is a successful entrepreneur, experienced business mentor, and comes from a 25 year background in credit procurement and risk management with the petroleum industry.

Caleb Bélanger

Co-Founder & Web Development

Caleb Bélanger worked with several Cincinnati based tech startups as a Creative Lead; specialising in video production, branding, marketing strategy, and web/graphic design. He also served in the U.S. Navy for eight years.


Brad Stafford

Marketing Development

Brad is a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful marketing agency in the US as well as other ventures locally in South Africa. He works alongside our entrepreneurs to help them understand and grow their marketing abilities.


U.S. Support team 

Samuel Ares

CEO & Co-Founder

Samuel worked in R&D for The Procter and Gamble Company specialising in project management and material and process development. He co-founded a business providing financial education and services to middle class workers.


David Ooten

Board Member

David has 33 years of experience with Procter & Gamble in raw material technology development as well as extensive experience in project leadership across culturally diverse work groups

David Belanger

Senior Consultant 

David has worked internationally for 26 years in computer programming, software implementation and technology consulting. He is currently focused on delivering PLM and PDM solutions for Deloitte.

Alex Lefler

Board Member

Alex has eight years of experience in project management, entrepreneurship, and app development. He and his wife Brea also work in international wedding photography.

Andrew Lefler

Project Developer

Andrew is an extremely talented front/back-end and digital designer with eight years of experience in small business development. He currently works with Scenario Learning.


development Partners

Poverty Stoplight | South Africa

Poverty Stoplight is an approach that helps people progress out of poverty by empowering them to understand and map their own choices. It provides a clear line of sight of how to get there; at the same time allowing organisations delivering support to measure progress against their programme objectives.


Westlake United Church Trust

Westlake United Church Trust (WUCT) is a Non-Profit Organisation offering a multi-service facility within the southern suburbs of Cape Town. WUCT acts as a hub for a community of approximately 8000 people and addresses issues of extreme poverty, ill health, early childhood development, unemployment and social issues.



PeopleBest provides a world-class platform of simple software services that define, analyze, compare and measure success inside people, teams and company to increase the success of your people.


Rethink Education

Rethink Education creates intuitive mobile based courses that deliver educational and training content to your employees or students on any device, anywhere, using the least amount of data.